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Private labels

MABTOOLS designs and manufactures private labels bonded and coated abrasives such as cutting and grinding resinoid reinforced discs and flap discs.

MABTOOLS, born moleMAB France, offers to its partners more than 50 years of experience in the abrasive market, researching and developing specific ranges to match technical requirements needed by its partners.

Offering a private label is for MABTOOLS a fully fledged activity, starting in its testing facility by benchmarking competitors products chosen by its partner as a target. Total confidentiality is assured: our engineers develop specific and unique recipes, from the simpler for volume markets to the more complex for exoteric materials and specific applications.

MABTOOLS develops with its partner, through its dedicated service, a specific label manufactured by the best printing companies.

MABTOOLS checks that FEPA and EN norms are respected (including safety pictograms) and grants a specific oSa certificate. 

MABTOOLS offers to its partners a testing center to validate products consistency and quality. His partners have free access to its factory facilities to make the most of manufacturing quality.

Private label is so essential for MABTOOLS that some of the major players in the abrasive market are its partners. Its long time experience and privacy policy offer to its partners a know-how certified by thousand of products tested and successful recipes.

Since 1992, MABTOOLS french production site tested more than 60.000 SKU and 3.500 different cutting and grinding recipes; everything is stored in a convenient database system. MABTOOLS is sure that it already has a recipe matching every need; anyhow its engineers are ready to modify and improve the existing  technical data sheets to fulfill any customer demand.