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r.Evolution 3.0

r.Evolution range is manufactured from excellent raw materials with the latest technology. These discs are specifically designed for extreme uses. Innovation, research and tests were the keywords that led our engineers to develop this exceptional disc for cutting steel and stainless steel.


Xforce range features high quality products developed in a continuous search for innovation. These products are manufactured with the best technology solutions for a professional use on steel and stainless steel applications. Superior quality resinoid discs and flap discs are manufactured using zirconium oxide for better aggressiveness.


Reinforced resinoid discs in Zforce range are specially designed and manufactured to meet foundries strict requirements for highly professional applications on cast iron and special hard steels.


MABTOOLS designed Power products through its experience and manufactures them with the best technology solutions for industrial applications on all types of materials. With their excellent performance, Power products set a reference for the high quality abrasives market and an above of the average return. Power range features a complete assortment of products, including resinoid discs, flap discs, flap wheels, fiber discs, coated abrasives, diamond blades, carbide burrs and spindle mounted wheels.


General and economic, for all industries, Energy range advantages are its ease of use, its excellent durability and a great quality to price ratio. The Energy range features resinoid discs and flap discs.


PMUC range, developed and manufactured adhering to the «Produits et Matériels Utilisés en Centrales» technical requirements, guarantees to comply with safety norms in force in this challenging environment.